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Discolored Teeth San Francisco, CA

Yellow or discolored teeth are a common cosmetic dental concern. With advancements in cosmetic dentistry, whitening teeth has become a routine procedure. Safe, effective and virtually painless, professional teeth whitening treatment options can improve the aesthetics of your smile, increasing your confidence, so you smile more often. Union Square Dental Group has highly qualified San francisco cosmetic dentists that provide patients with natural and beautiful results from the comfort of our state of the art San Fransisco, CA Financial District dentist office. Under the care of your dentist, you can expect safe results that are superior to those achieved with over the counter options.

Causes of Discolored Teeth

Tooth discoloration can be caused by a number of factors. Enamel erosion, trauma, aging, or certain medications can all cause the smile to become discolored. Your Union Square dentist will examine the teeth to determine the underlying cause of discoloration or staining in order to recommend the most effective and lasting option for brightening your smile.

  • Yellow Teeth: Yellow teeth are commonly caused by the natural degradation of the tooth enamel. Underneath the white enamel of the tooth is a layer called dentin. Dentin has a natural yellow tint to it. When the enamel wears away, the dentin is left exposed, creating a yellowing tint to the teeth. Many patients feel dissatisfied with their smiles because of the yellow color that can make their teeth appear dirty or dull.
  • Brown or Dark Spots: Brown or dark spots may appear on the teeth for two reasons. Dark spots can be caused by trauma or an injury caused by the tooth, in other cases, the spots may be caused the use of certain medications. Be sure to let your dentist know if you are taking any medications so that they can best treat your tooth discoloration. These dark brown or black spots may be resistant to certain forms of tooth whitening.
  • White Spots: Bright white spots on the teeth are usually a result of over-exposure to fluoride while the teeth were developing. These bright spots can make the other teeth appear dull and be distracting from the aesthetics of the smile.

Cosmetic Treatments for Whitening Teeth

Treatment to restore your bright white smile will vary depending on the cause of the discoloration. Your San Francisco dentist will help you determine which treatment option will provide you with optimal results. Union Square Dental Group’s AACD member cosmetic dentists offer cosmetic treatment options to whiten yellow or discolored teeth.

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