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Invisalign®An Overview

Invisalign® has become a preferred method of straightening teeth for teens and adults with mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. Invisalign uses state of the art digital dental technology to design and fabricate clear aligners that comfortably and gradually realign crooked teeth. Invisalign is discreet, allowing patients to conduct their daily professional and personal lives with confidence.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign provides patients with many added benefits in comparison to traditional metal braces. Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment option often used by our dentists for their oral health and professional benefits.

  • Discreet: The clear aligners are barely visible to other people while they are being worn. They fit snug against the teeth and are made from a high tech material that becomes nearly impossible to see once secured in the mouth. Patients are able to conduct their daily business with out the stigma of wearing metal braces as adults.
  • Comfortable: The aligners are made of a hard-soft plastic that will not irritate or damage the teeth or gums. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign aligners will not tear or damage the gums, or other soft tissues in the mouth for a more comfortable experience. The aligners are also designed to be worn in a successive series to gradually shift teeth into proper alignment. This means there are no painful visits to the dentist for tightening.
  • Removable: Invisalign aligners are removable. This is good for a few reasons. Patients are able to remove the aligners so that they can properly brush and floss their teeth. Patients who use Invisalign are less likely to experience discoloration or tooth decay after treatment than patients who wear metal braces. Removable aligners also allow patients to enjoy a diet with out restriction. The aligners can be removed while eating and replaced after mealtime.
  • Straightens Crooked Teeth: Invisalign effectively straightens crooked teeth and realigns bites with malocclusion. Patients with straight teeth are less likely to experience advanced dental health concerns such as tooth decay, gum disease, and TMJ. Straight smiles improve a patient’s oral health, self-confidence, and quality of life. Patients who commit to straightening their teeth often report being more successful and confident in the work place and in their personal lives.

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I have never learned so much about my own teeth! Dr. Miller was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable as a new patient. His passion for dentistry truly shows in every interaction I have had with him. He was also extremely accommodating when it came to scheduling appointments…Mitch S.
From the moment you walk in, you'll have someone like Tina who helps you find your insurance and calls you to remind me. Really sets the scene and calms you down. The waiting room feels chill, not institutional. Then you meet Adam Miller - and it feels like you're hanging…Tom L.
I was a little nervous going in to see Dr. Patterson as it was my first time seeing a dentist in two and a half years, but the good doctor took care of me. He met me at the door, told me a joke, and we were on our way.…Pattrick M.
I highly recommend! Dr. Patterson is such a genuine person and amazing dentist! Easy to talk to and always has your best interest in hand. Never tries to take advantage of the situation and gives his honest opinion when offering advice.Ashley E.
Dr. Scott is wonderful! He was able to fit me into his schedule and did an excellent job. Would definitely recommend him!Michelle W.
Dr. Scott, you're my jam. Helping take on the hell and fear of dentistry one visit at a time. I really appreciate your considered slow approach to my dental care. Seriously, best dentist I've ever had, super grateful to have found your practice.Barbie B.
Dr. Growney took me in without an appointment due to my circumstances (pain) and took great care of me immediately and remedied the problem. He did an amazing job, painless and very smooth. I had a root canal and from what I've heard they are not too fun, but he…B.F.
I've lived in the City for almost 19 years and Dr. Tam is my favorite dentist ever! She is thoughtful, thorough and just a kind person. She doesn't make you feel rushed if you have questions, takes the time to walk you through what she is doing and I would…Jill P.
Dr. Leslie Tam was so approachable, friendly and welcoming. She was efficient and wasn't pushy like some other Dentists I've encountered. The staff and office were a nice environment and a confident location for me in the Marina. I would definitely recommend!Christina W.
Dr. Bui is a beautiful person! She is so kind and gentle and a perfectionist-- not to mention an artist in her trade. If you are not satisfied for any reason (highly unlikely) she will do everything she can for you to leave happy. I personally guarantee that she will…Niki M.
Dr. Baliwass is an phenomenal dentist! Like most people, I was not a fan of going to the dentist and had some bad experiences in the past. However, Dr. Baliwass has completely changed my perspective. He makes me feel comfortable and at ease, is very professional and knowledgeable, and I…Jason H.
I was referred to Dr. Baliwas by a friend, let's just say he lived up to hype and totally worth the drive from San Jose! I had been avoiding the dentist for a few years because of terrible bedside manner from a family dentist in the past, so i was…Adrianna C.
In my opinion there is no finer dental group in the city. The staff is friendly. MY dentist .Brian Baliwas, DDS, explains everything that needs to be done in detail, and is the gentle dentist I have ever seen. Believe it or not I actually dosed of during a root…Ward L

Invisalign® What to Expect

If you are interested in Invisalign treatment, you Union Square dentist will first perform a thorough oral health exam to determine if Invisalign is the most effective procedure to restore your personal oral health. If additional orthodontic treatments are required to properly restore the function and health to your smile, your dentist may refer you to a local orthodontist. If Invisalign is right for you, your Union Square dentist will begin the design stage of treatment.

Using digital imaging and 3-D modeling, your dentist will design a series of clear aligners based on the alignment of your teeth and bite. Once the “blueprints” are designed, the plans are sent to the Invisalign lab to be custom fabricated. The aligners are designed to fit snugly against your teeth and treatment is typically comfortable and highly discreet.

The aligners are designed to be worn in about 2-week increments to gradually shift teeth into alignment. Aligners are worn for about the duration of 1 year, although exact length of treatment will be dependent on the personal orthodontic needs of each patient and will be determined by your dentist.