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Laser Dentistry San Francisco, CA

Laser DentistryAn Overview

Laser dentistry is changing the dental patient experience. Less invasive and more precise laser treatments are beginning to replace traditional dental procedures that treat decay, gum disease, and gum recession.  Laser dental treatments promote natural healing, reduce the risk of infection, and help patients with dental anxiety feel more at ease during treatment. Our San Francisco dentist office offers laser therapy for a range of oral health concerns. We use state of the art dental technology so that we may provide our patients with the most effective treatments available in modern dentistry.

Our San Francisco dental office offers laser therapy for a range of oral health concerns. We use state of the art dental technology so that we may provide our patients with the most effective treatments available in modern dentistry.

Benefits of Laser Dental Treatments

Laser therapy offers a range of oral health benefits, providing more aesthetic results with less pain and less downtime.

  • Less invasive
  • Promotes natural healing
  • Decreases risk of infection
  • Highly precise results
  • Eliminates need for sutures
  • Natural & beautiful results
  • No loud drills
I was a little nervous going in to see Dr. Patterson as it was my first time seeing a dentist in two and a half years, but the good doctor took care of me. He met me at the door, told me a joke, and we were on our way.…Pattrick M.
Dr. Scott, you're my jam. Helping take on the hell and fear of dentistry one visit at a time. I really appreciate your considered slow approach to my dental care. Seriously, best dentist I've ever had, super grateful to have found your practice.Barbie B.
Dr. Growney is amazing! I came in 2 weeks before my wedding, so stressed out, with the intention of getting the bonding on my front 2 teeth redone and he took one look at me and said "take a deep breath and calm down." He proceeded to polish them therefore…MB E.
I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Dr. Growney to anyone. He's professional, informative, funny, and immensely helpful. I came in mildly freaked out because of a chipped tooth. He took care of it in a matter of minutes, warning me that the filling won't completely blend in. I…Ngan T.
I had a great experience with Dr. Tam! She is gentle, but thorough, and I trust that she always has my best interest. She was very informative and honest with me during my visit, and I left very happy! Would recommend her to anyone!Jamie J.
Dr. Bui is a highly professional perfectionist with a big heart. Not only is she the best periodontist I've ever come across, she also understands to make the not so pleasant sort of procedures fun and exciting. Love going to her appointments and wish Yelp had a 6th star for…Christian B.
Dr. Baliwass is an phenomenal dentist! Like most people, I was not a fan of going to the dentist and had some bad experiences in the past. However, Dr. Baliwass has completely changed my perspective. He makes me feel comfortable and at ease, is very professional and knowledgeable, and I…Jason H.
I was referred to Dr. Baliwas by a friend, let's just say he lived up to hype and totally worth the drive from San Jose! I had been avoiding the dentist for a few years because of terrible bedside manner from a family dentist in the past, so i was…Adrianna C.
Dr Baliwas is very skilled and pays extreme attention to details. Highly recommended SF dentist!!Michael K.

Laser Dentistry What to Expect

Laser dentistry treatment will vary depending on the dental concern it is being used to address. Laser therapy is minimally invasive and patients experience little to no discomfort during treatment. Our San Francisco dentists often recommend laser dental treatments for patients looking for a highly effective and efficient way to treat a range of dental concerns. Patients enjoy minimal downtimes and can often return to their daily activities immediately after treatment.


  • Gum Contouring: For patients who are unhappy with their gums, laser therapy can be used to contour a more aesthetic and balanced smile. Laser therapy may be able to be used to fix a gummy smile or a restore a receding gum line, eliminating the need for invasive surgery and sutures. Laser therapy allows for quick and effective gum restorations with out the need for long down times after treatment.
  • Gum Disease: A progressive oral health concern, gum disease is a bacterial infection that forms deep pockets in the gums. This harmful bacteria can cause halitosis, gum recession, and even tooth loss. Laser therapy can eliminate the need for traditional gum surgery to remove the deep pockets of bacteria caused by advanced gum disease. Laser treatment for gum disease thoroughly cleans the gums of harmful bacteria and promotes natural healing and tissue regeneration.
  • Dental Cavities: Laser dentistry can be used to treat dental decay with out the need for drills,  minimizing associated dental anxiety. Using laser therapy, the decay can be removed and the tooth cleaned and sterilized. The tooth will then be treated with a filling, inlay or onlay or dental crown depending on the progression of the decay.

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